If you don't read comics, you might not be aware of the fact that we've got some serious hotshots living in town: brilliant, genre-busting, hilarious writers who also happen to write the characters that Marvel movies are based on. If you haven't read Matt Fraction's spy thriller Casanova, start there—you'll like it, I promise, and you'll be reading his ongoing series Hawkeye before you know it, superhero fan or no.

Anyway, on Tumblr, someone asked Fraction if life is worth living. And he responded. And you should read it.

(Related! Fraction's wife Kelly Sue DeConnick is also a total badass—she's currently writing Captain Marvel—and an outspoken feminist in the often shitty-to-women world of mainstream comics. FEMINISM! I CAN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! The Atlantic just ran an article about her, and women in superhero comics in general, which is totally worth a read for its perspective on DeConnick, even if I want to take a red pen to it so bad I can hardly stand it.)