Who are Hong Kong Banana? It's a local five-piece making stormy garage soul that is not to be trusted. Sure, those needle-sharp guitars, go-go beats, and cottonmouth Sticky Fingers-isms sound plenty irresistible, but they're just gonna get you into trouble. This is music that's not going to bail you out of jail, let alone call you the next morning.

Even the names of the conspirators sound blatantly like a gang of thieves and heartbreakers: There's Nigel Bubblesworth and Amora Pooley sharing the vocals; there's Hillstomp bucket-man Johnny Mao turning tricks on the bass; a guitarist named Justin Thorpe—okay, that could be legit, although sources indicated another ne'er-do-well by the name of Jesse Decker played on the recordings—and a drummer who goes by the alias Stony Buttons. (Sources indicate he's one Chris Hutton, probably using an alter ego to avoid Johnny Law). They have a brand new 10-inch vinyl EP called Now, But Not NOW Now, and we shall post the music here as a public service to show you what you need to look out for. Carefully observe these slambang garage nuggets and glittery gems in the comfort of your workplace or home computer, and learn their tricks so that you can avoid being seduced out in the real world.

Still, if you are going to remain heedless to these warnings, Now, But Not NOW Now is on local label Fluff & Gravy, which will no doubt soon be shut down and be seized in the criminal investigation that will ensue from the EP's release. We have a tip that Hong Kong Banana themselves will be present at a "release show"—some sort of degenerate bacchanal, no doubt—taking place tomorrow night, Friday, October 18, at the Analog Cafe (720 SE Hawthorne), during which they'll practice their criminal art alongside sinister-sounding gangs the Verner Pantons and Sharks from Mars. We'll alert the authorities.