Whatchya doing this weekend? If you said watching roller derby, then hey, want to sit together? There are two big ol' bouts at Oaks Park on Saturday and Sunday. First up: The rookies of the Rose City Rollers will be knocking butts with the gals of Centralia, Washington's Rainy City Roller Dolls. This one should be a great time—a lot of Rose City's rookies have never played on their home track in front of a cheering crowd. They'll be all manner of excited to show friends and family what they got. And some of have only been on home teams for a mere two weeks. (Rose City Rollers' Rookies vs. Centralia's Rainy City, Sat Oct 19, 7 pm, $14-20, all ages, tix)

Want a sneak peak? Take a look at Frank Lavelle's great photos from a bout back in June when the newbies in the draft pool took on the Gorge Roller Girls from Hood River. Lots of those gals will be playing on Saturday, as they got drafted by home teams earlier this month.

Then Sunday, watch the juniors on the Rosebuds knock the teenage snot out of each other. The Little Red Riveters and the Rainbow Bites are friggin' insanely talented athletes, which makes junior roller derby sooooo much fun to watch. Plus they always know how to dress for the occasion—especially with Halloween around the corner. (Rosebuds home teams: Little Red Riveters vs. Rainbow Bites, Sun Oct 20, 2 pm, $10-15, all ages, tix)