You guys, always with the feedback:

—"Irked at Heart" was... irked, I guess you would say, about the grammar in this sentence: "Instead, officers merely helped the cabbie and I exchange information." Spot the problem and you get to come up with your own play on "Dirk VanderHart." You may also be interested to know about the lack of repurcussions to hitting a cyclist with your car.

—JDowdy likes juggernaut brand Wildfang okay, but objects to their rampant use of the words "girls" and "tomboy," arguing that if you want to make gendered branding and lifestyle more fluid, "Why must everything fall over the backdrop of men, boys, or hetero-normative culture? Let fluid gender expressions be fluid and ambiguous, please."

—"An irl Portlander" who works at a certain local pharmacy seems pleased/possibly not pleased with Sarah Mirk's investigation into the actual availability of Plan B contraceptives in Oregon stores. Depending on whether one's "boss' asshole" having a "horizon-broadening experience" is a good or bad thing. (I honestly don't know.)

—RE: the idea of merging the city's housing and urban renewal agencies, by pointing out that "the one segment of Portland that least needs governmental support is real estate development."

—Ms 45 had something to say about the whole Miley Cyrus controversy with Sinead O'Connor and Amanda Bynes and... ZZZZzzzzzzzzz

—And, finally, Hank has known us practically his whole life. We kind of grown up together, and he likes us. He really really likes us.