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Another week, another section... and that makes this, what, Mercury Music Section DCIIC? I was never that good at roman numerals. It's been quite a run, and as far as sequels go—at least it's not as godawful as the sequel to Snoop's brilliant "Pocket Like It's Hot." Not even Kate Upton and Larry King can save the mess that is "You Got What I Eat." Hang your head in shame, microwavable pastry community.
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Lisa Wells is a Portland native and a great writer. Ten years after the death of Elliott Smith, she wrote about Smith, Portland, and memory. It's a beautiful essay. (Also, be sure to check out Jeremy Okai Davis' wonderful artwork.)

LISTEN: Elliott Smith - "Alameda"
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In contrast, I make a terrible Sister Act jokes in my article on Haim, because, hey, good writer-ing are hard job, no? Say it with me, "HY-um." The three California sisters are probably already earning multiple replays in your Spotify and Rdio apps, and I'm sorry to say that their first Portland show is hella sold out. ("Hella" is roman numerals for times-a-gillion.) Here's Haim singing about a show that apparently its own star Idris Elba has never watched.

LISTEN: Haim - "The Wire"
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Halloween's right around the corner. Get into the holiday swing with the masters of horror-movie soundtracks, Italian prog band Goblin, who are playing for their first time ever in Portland on Saturday.

LISTEN: Goblin - "Suspiria"
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Plus, Up & Coming previews of more than MCMXVIILII shows this week! (I told you I was bad at roman numerals.)