I caught the late All Jane No Dick show last night at Curious Comedy. Attendance was decent, there were a lotta ladies in the house, and our volunteer bartender told us a funny story about accidentally touching a woman's butt. :O

Hosted by Blogtown sex 'n' dating columnist Bri Pruett, who I think might have propositioned my table at one point?, the 10 pm show was bracketed by its highlights: Improvisers Tegan & Sarah ("we didn't choose these names"), who opened, and headliner Phoebe Robinson.

Tegan & Sarah are a pair of Canadians whose character-heavy improv reminded me of a middle-school slumber party, all infectious, sugar-jacked giggle fits and goofy non sequiturs. It was incredibly silly, in the best way. I'd seen half of the duo, Sarah Szloboda, perform in Vancouver BC over the summer, at the show Rapp Battlez NW—she plays Powder in the video posted there. I... I think I might love her now? She's a phenomenally talented improviser. Unfortunately, last night was their only Portland show, so if you missed 'em, you're SOL. (We'll let you know if we find out about any other Portland performances.)

Headliner Phoebe Robinson (pictured above) was most recently in Portland for the Bridgetown Comedy Fest; you may remember her from Picture This!, a showcase that combines drawing and comedy, where her joke about how to take a flattering dick pic was memorably illustrated. She was good then, but last night she killed, even though she was jet lagged and bummed about missing Scandal. She's performing tonight at the Alberta Rose at 7:30 pm, with headliner Cameron Esposito (we love her, as we have now told you nine million times, and we predict that she's about 10 minutes away from getting super-famous); I highly recommend that show. You'll like it. Tickets here.

The 10 pm Alberta Rose show tonight is also really promising: Wild Horses improv are supposed to be great (featuring Lauren Lapkus, AKA the friendly prison guard from Orange Is the New Black); headliner Bonnie McFarlane is really likable and fun;and Courtney had great things about Kyle Mizono, who performed at the early show last night. (Plus, you get to see Bri host!) Here's ticket info for that show.

Another good bet is tomorrow's 7:30 pm show at Curious Comedy, with headliners Janine Brito and Aparna Nancherla (both are writers for Totally Biased with Kamau Bell; Nancherla was just on Conan).

And on Sunday, Bonnie McFarlane is screening her documentary Women Aren't Funny, followed by a panel discussion with McFarlane, All Jane festival director Stacey Hallal, Phoebe Robinson (awesome, as mentioned), and Jezebel's fearless and hilarious Lindy West. So that will be bad ass.

(If you're interested in the festival but not interested in spending money on it, you can check out tomorrow's free panel discussion with Janine Brito, Aparna Nancherla, Lauren Lapkus, and more—that's at 4 pm at Curious Comedy, and it's free.)

All the information and tickets and times are here! You guys know how the internet works.