Sing it, sister!

What gives you the right to hassle a stranger in public? Nothing! I’ve dealt with this sort of public shaming my whole life, not only have people verbally abused me, but physically attacked me years ago in high school (& got away with it). I would like it to end now! I am a biological woman (more logic than you actually harbor) & have androgynous features, I don’t wax because it’s my body, my choice, it doesn't concern you at all.

You can catch the rest of the justly deserved beatdown over on "My Deepest Insincere Regards to the 'Adults'" on the I, Anonymous Blog. To make myself feel better about what a bunch of teenagers yelled at her on the street, I like to imagine the hooligans hanging outside of a waxing salon, engaging in a hard-sell marketing campaign. Somehow I don't think that's what really happened though.