• cover art by Jason Roberts
There's something hot and yellow being emitted tonight, and the Lovesores are responsible. The local punkers—forged from the trickle-down of former band Humpers—have a new four-song EP that's pressed on 7-inch yellow vinyl and released by that bastion of all that is loud and dirty, Hovercraft Records. The songs are quick, chugging, burly punk rockers with thick riffs and terse, yelled melodies. It's called Formaldehyde, hence the golden color of the vinyl ( thought I was talking about pee before? What's wrong with you?), although music this raw and ready isn't likely to be preserved in amber anytime soon.

The Lovesores celebrate the 7-inch EP, which was recorded at Opal Studio, with a release show tonight at East End (203 SE Grand) with Crazy Squeeze and Spanish Galleons. Cover's $6. This music doesn't exist digitally, so you'll have to go down there to pick up a copy.