I'm a 39-year-old straight male in a monogamous relationship. I am currently unemployed and could really use some source of income so I've been toying with the idea of posting pics of myself on Xtube. My girlfriend is supportive of this decision. The problem is that I'd like to make sure that I maintain anonymity—the internets being what they are—so my intention is to just post dick shots. I'm 8 inches and have a pretty significant curvature, so I think my cock is interesting looking all by itself.

I got most of the way through Xtube's signup process and then I balked for fear that I'd still be identified somehow or that my cock alone would be lost among a see of dick and so it wasn't worthwhile. My question: Is it possible that my cock alone can actually make money and if not, what can I do in photoshop or use as a mask that would maintain the sexy while not blowing my cover.

Hung Anonymous

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