Some of the people who poured money into President Obama's campaigns apparently did so to bask in the glow of the president's warmth and kindness—not because ours is a broken system where money buys access, influence and cushy diplomatic appointments. But they didn't get that warmth, tragically, so feel happy for them that a Clinton is back on the scene.

While he's busy being all impersonal to his backers, the president is also apologizing for sizable flaws in the central portal for Obamacare. The delays and crashes are worrying, sure, but perhaps expected when such a flashy new toy as subsidized health care is unveiled before the American people.

Even so, the administration will want to get the bugs worked out ASAP, as there is some concern they could capsize the nascent policy before it works up a head of steam.

The glitches are a god-send for Republicans (they hope), who are clinging to them as to a sizable-enough-for-two chunk of Titanic after their terribly thought out shutdown of the government.

Drones: Pretty much as indiscriminately deadly as you figured. Maybe a touch more so.

Northeast China looks like the bemisted London of Doyle or Dickens. Which would be sweet, if it wasn't because of the toxic smog blanketing the region.

The Associated Press is catching flack after letting go a seasoned Virginia political reporter for an erroneous report about a candidate for governor there. It was a big error, but dismissals like this are rare.

Today in American gun tragedy: a Nevada middle schooler kills a teacher and wounds two 12-year-old students before committing suicide.

Guys, the cure to baldness was right before our eyes the entire time! You're gonna kick yourself when I say it. Ready? Discarded infant foreskins.

CEO's are getting PAIIIIIIID. Meanwhile, it's instant pudding for dinner at the VanderHart house. Again.

But even the cheapest tapioca tastes great when fall is so thoroughly killing it.


Today in weird old cartoon movies you should watch instead of doing work: The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland. Cheshire Cat can rap, son!