Note to drivers and cyclists: It is okay to run stop signs if you are originally FROM Portland, Oregon. Please make a note of it!

You passed me going up on Southeast Clinton Street to tell me I was a "BUM" because I ran stop signs on s.e. 24th at s.e. Ivon Street? Really?
It is now 10:42 and this occurred at approximately 10:25PM. It is a Monday night.
F-YOU Buddy! Like I could not see if a car was coming our way, asshole? Up hill?
Again.. F-YOU!
I am born in Portland, Ore. 97210

And, if you were born in Portland, you can also pee on old people. Hey, I didn't make the law! Are you an insanely entitled native or transplant? Then leave your rants and confessions on the I, Anonymous Blog—where Californians can just go the hell home!