Remember on Friday when we posted about the stupendously tone-deaf KXL billboard in Chinatown?

The post set off something of a firestorm and, though KXL hasn't answered my queries about the thing, they've told OPB they'll take it down.

According to a copy of their statement floating around the web, KXL says:

Regarding the KXL Billboard. It's a famous quote from an old rap song, we thought it would get attention but in no way meant disrespect to anyone. This was a decision from the Marketing and Programming Department. However, after our News Department came to us and said they believed it to be insensitive, we decided to change the message. That change is in process now.

A lot has been said about the decision to display this quote in this part of town. Probably my favorite comes from the Merc's own Bobby Roberts, who posted the following comments Saturday:


Indeed, Bobby. Indeed.