It's not only the swelling music and the voice of Ian McKellen that makes this thing feel particularly Lord of the Rings-y, I don't think: X-Men: Days of Future Past is inspired by one of the most beloved stories in all of the 48 billion X-Men comics, and director Bryan Singer, no doubt eager to make everyone forget about Jack the Giant Slayer, seems intent on cramming in everything else he can think of, too. Am I going to complain about this? No. Because (1) Days of Future Past already looks like it'll be way more fun than the forgettable X-Men: First Class, and (2) the second I complain about an X-Men movie that looks too epic is the second that my 12-year-old self jumps into the future and kicks me as hard as he can in the junk.

BUT HERE IS A COMPLAINT I WILL LODGE. How do you make a trailer for this movie and somehow not include a bunch of footage of Peter Dinklage as swingin' '70s evil genius Bolivar Trask? Let us correct that injustice with a single still image, and let us hope that the next trailer is all Dinklage, all the time.