We gave you a few things to chew on, and here's what you spat out on this week's Letters page!

—Brian thinks that we never shoulda spent our money on the busted (busting?) Morrison Bridge in the first place, because he doesn't care if someone from "Grue-some" occasionally wipes out. :(

—Nathan says how 'bout that Edith Head, guys, amirite? Anyone? Google? Never mind.

—You caught how Denis spent a recent weekend down at Right 2 Dream Too, right? (Seriously, read it if you haven't.) People were genuinely impressed with his efforts, and he even inspired LC to read it all the way through without skimming, making it "probably the longest article I've ever read." Wow! Great job everyone!

—If you permit a touch of self-described pretentiousness, Ben in Portland has some comparisons to make regarding Lisa Wells' exploration on place and art as expressed in the life's work of Elliott Smith and the wine-world concept of terroir. (The last line of this one just kills me dead.)