Republicans are still the party of no:

Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked confirmation of two Obama Administration nominees, signaling a return to the chamber’s protracted fight over White House appointments that led to talk of filibuster reform over the summer.

This is the sort of boring, everyday shit that the Senate is supposed to do on a daily basis; they're supposed to approve these positions after making sure that the appointees are competent. These appointments were not a big deal. They didn't symbolize anything. They just represented the Obama administration trying to do the work the American people sent them to Washington to do—twice. And Republicans refuse to do their fucking jobs. Why? Nobody knows why. I don't even know if they know why at this point. They blocked the confirmations because that's what they do, because the confirmations are what Obama wanted and Republicans are against what Obama wants.

One day in the not-so-distant future, young Democrats are going to wonder why President Obama didn't get more done. The sad thing is that most people are going to forget that it was the Republican Party that froze government for eight solid years, just because they refused to give the president a inch.