Filling the vacancy after former tenant Reveille suddenly disappeared from the West End's Blackbox, Imogene + Willie have landed in Portland at 1306 W Burnside. Coincidentally, I first heard of the brand from Reveille's Jess Carson, when he was carrying the cult denim brand. It's an interesting story, as far as brand identities go, with its founders' grandparents a huge influence, and steeped in Americana—it began in a former Nashville gas station, to give you some idea. Keeping a strong commitment to American manufacturing, they're among the crop of heritage brands in the making, making them a more-than-appropriate neighbor to Tanner Goods, with whom they already had a relationship. I see big potential for more collaborations in the future.

They have a video that tells the full story of their company—at 15 minutes it's a little exhaustive, but for the curious, here it is:

They're open as of Friday, if you wanna pop in and say hey.