Despite the image at right, Nashville duo Birdcloud makes filthy, funny country songs, although I reckon they're kind of evil in their own way. They were gonna play at the Alhambra Theatre on Saturday, opening for Vanessa Carlton, but Carlton cancelled a bunch of shows after some rather serious-sounding complications with her pregnancy. (Get well, Vanessa.) Birdcloud are making the trip up here anyway, playing a show at the (World Famous) Kenton Club this Saturday, November 9.

Matthew W. Sullivan wrote a piece on Birdcloud that I pulled from the paper at the last minute. But now that Birdcloud is definitely going to be here, you should read it. It's funny and great. Here's a sweet, sweet taste:

[Jasmin] Kaset and cohort Makenzie Green are taking a break during a rehearsal in their hometown of Nashville. Kaset tells me about a new shot they just made up inspired by their song "Hello, Commode." As best as I can tell from the picture they posted on Instagram, a "Hello, Commode" shooter consists of Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness (a blend of apple, mango, spinach, and about 17 other ingredients), vodka, and a packet of Emergen-C.

It didn't sit well with Green. "She can handle her shots, but the second it hit her throat, there was puke all over the linoleum," says Kaset.

There's more, including a story about their experience on America's Got Talent (they upset Heidi Klum and were booed by the crowd) and how their song "Savin' Myself for Jesus" got banned from YouTube.

Go read Matt's story, and then go see 'em on Saturday at the Kenton Club. In the meantime, here is one of many, many songs they've written about their pussies.