Before we go any further with the actual details, let me get this out of the way.


Back in MAY, I called this.


You? You were all surprised like "What? How could this be? Four new Marvel shows? Aren't they having problems with just the one?" Meanwhile visionaries like myself were riding public transit to work and nodding smugly and sagely to a confused, uncomprehending Witch Hazel lookalike.

I mean, yeah, my whole reason for writing that article had to do with a completely different set of superheroes, and I was pushing for Marvel to create an entirely new network instead of working with Netflix, and I didn't even get the number of shows right, and I completely missed on the idea of a team-up miniseries to cap off everyone's seasons.


Alright, now that that's out of the way, here's the details:

Netflix and Marvel will co-produce four television shows, beginning with the character of Daredevil, following with a show based on Brian Michael Bendis' Alias, starring Jessica Jones; and then one show apiece for Luke Cage aka Power Man, and Danny Rand aka Iron Fist. Each series will consist of 13 episodes, after which the characters will team up in a miniseries called The Defenders.

So far, not a single writer has been hired to help bring this thing to life, and they're obviously going to need a bunch of them, as producing four shows more or less concurrently is, to put it mildly, a bit of a motherfucker.

Speaking of that last word; this is likely to be a more adult-oriented Marvel. None of these characters are exactly family-friendly in their most popular incarnations. Luckily, as evidenced by Netflix productions Lillyhammer, Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards (I guess there was a werewolf show too? I think. I dunno) language, sex, and violence aren't really a problem, and I think it'll be nice to have a more dangerous and intimate section of the Marvel Universe, one not dealing with aliens or thawed-out supermen. It's also a nice solution to the ever-increasing continuity chokehold sliding about the movies' armored neck. Instead of trying to fit within that universe - just sidestep it. Start your own street level universe in its shadow.

I think it's pretty slick. But, then again, of course I would.

Ladies and gentlemen, begin your fancasting.