As you may have heard, I am known as one of Portland's greatest karaoke performers... that is, until someone better walks into the room. But my point is, I LOVE IT, and the more I sing, the happier I feel. That's why I've always been a big fan of the Voicebox private karaoke rooms over on NW Hoyt. I don't have to wait through an entire evening of terrible singers to share my greatness with the world, AND they have a fantastic selection of songs. The downsides? Trying to find parking in the Pearl, the lack of hard alcohol, and having to book rooms ahead of time due to their alarming popularity.

HOWEVER! Those dark days are soon to be over, because Voicebox is opening up a new location in the far more convenient (for me) central Southeast... one that not only has more rooms, but TONS OF HARD LIQUOR. Whoopeeeeeee!!!

Located at 734 SE 6th (that's on sixth just north of Morrison), Voicebox's newest location is housed in the old Sparky's Spike's Auto Upholstery shop, and from what I saw during my tour the other day, it's gonna be BOSS. There will be eight suites of varying sizes (accommodating anywhere from 8 to 40 singers), with acoustical improvements, AND dual monitors (so you can face your audience or the screen). There will be dancing space (yes!), and plenty of room to set down your drinks... which you can order from the new 26 foot bar stocked with delicious booze (and food from a newly expanded menu).

Plus the walls will be graced with murals from talented illustrator Souther Salazar (who you may have seen lurking around a Mercury cover or two), and they've even got super fancy toilets. I'm not gonna spoil the surprise... just go to the bathroom!

And naturally, they'll continue to have great songbooks, and tons of new technological tweaks to make you sound like Kelly Clarkson's better-singing sibling. The new Southeast Voicebox opens on NOVEMBER 14TH, and they're taking reservations now. And you can bet your sweet heinie I'll be there singing my goddamn guts out!