More of the frustrating same on the health care front, everybody. The Obamacare website's a jerk, and the president's reaching out to insurance companies to help him out with this whole "you can keep your health plan" mess. And Cover Oregon, our website, still hasn't signed up a single person.

But the worst part of the whole deal—and, yes, this is admittedly coming from a relatively healthy and insured individual—is the tiresome political maneuvering around the rollout. House Democrats, worried about their political careers, are increasingly siding with the same people who just took the government hostage, rather than pursuing constructive solutions. Most people seem content to just be really angry at the president.

Then, you know, there's that part about how the main contractor on the project has a history of botched jobs.

Meanwhile, in very-positive Obama administration policies: Excellent news for the undocumented families of American troops. They'll be given a path to permanent residency.

Kshama Sawant will be maybe the first-ever socialist member of the Seattle City Council, after the trickle of ballots inherent in Seattle elections broke in her favor. Even in lefty Seattle, that's a big deal.

Here's all you ever wanted to know, in a two-part Oregonian series, about Right 2 Dream Too property owner Michael Wright. More murder and cocaine than you might expect, but just the right amount of pornography and defiance.

I guess I'm the only one who paid no attention to this BatKid extravaganza yesterday. Looks legit, though.

Alec Baldwin hurled a homophobic slur at a photographer. Does that surprise anyone?

India began negotiating to purchase an old Soviet-era aircraft carrier from Russia in 1994. They picked it up this morning! Even for a giant communist ship that carries airplanes, that's a long time, right?

A Harrisburg, Penn., newspaper issues a retraction for an 150-year-old editorial. The error: Hating on the Gettysburg Address.

Fact: Sooner or later, the bastards are always gonna come for your Flamin' Hot Cheetos.