In last week's issue of the Mercury, Chris Onstad spent some time in the kitchen with John Gorham, Gabe Rucker, and Nick Zukin, all Portland chefs who recently released cookbooks based on their popular Portland restaurants. (Toro Bravo, Le Pigeon, and Kenny and Zuke's, respectively.)

It's a great article, but there's one Portland chef missing from the lineup: Andy Ricker's Pok Pok: Food and Stories from the Streets, Homes, and Roadside Restaurants of Thailand hit the streets last month, and it's by all accounts a detailed, richly photographed cookbook, full of tips on preparing the Northern Thai dishes beloved by diners at Pok Pok (yep, the fish sauce wings are in there).

Since I assume everyone else is in the same oh-shit-it's-almost-December-and-I'm-broke mode that I am, I feel compelled to point out that any of these cookbooks would make an affordable gift for family members who love to cook and/or think it's cute that you live in Portland. (I can personally vouch for the Toro Bravo cookbook; it's dauntingly detailed, but that's because it works.)

Ricker is reading from the book at Powell's on Burnside tonight at 7:30 pm.