Last night, Wildfang held the launch party for WILD.LIFE., the new private label put out by the tomboy-branded, Portland-based store that opened its brick 'n' mortar on SE Grand earlier this year. It's only four pieces, each emblazoned with the new wolf mascot logo (which they were offering to tattoo you with for free at the party, and no I didn't get one), but it's a start, and the embroidered wolf on the black sweatshirt is beautiful up close. They're also loosely based on different Wildfang-style archetypes: the the jock, the prep, the rebel, the "urban." It was all manufactured in Canada (better than overseas, not as great as USA, but ok), and as is Wildfang tradition, they made a video featuring tough girls and lofty pronouncements that serves as a more stimulating lookbook than static photos. And this time they added a couple adorable pets, too: