Everyone's talking about Iran this morning, as a deal over the sanction-battered nation's nuclear activities remains just out of reach in Geneva. An agreement with Iran, on the one hand, would amount to historic diplomacy. On the other, there's a lot of grumbling sentiment—from Israel, Republicans and others—that an approach involving the carrot of lighter sanctions is wrongheaded and may backfire.

Now that Jeff Merkley and other Senate Democrats have cast aside the filibuster for presidential nominations, the White House is licking its chops. Oh yes, there will be appointments.

Which is probably good, because there's otherwise not a great deal of productivity happening in DC.

Obligatory the-Affordable-Care-Act-rollout-is-still-problematic-and-we-all-should-have-seen-it-coming post.

BREAKING: Walmart, Sears and a bunch of other American retailers don't give even a single fuck about the impoverished families of workers who—toiling to make the companies windfall profits—were burned to death in a Bangladesh factory last year.

It's the day after your son got married, and you're having dinner with family. There's a strange whirring outside. You see a flash, hear explosions, and all of a sudden your ardently non-terrorist brother-in-law and nephew are dead. You grieve, and you calmly travel 7,000 miles to ask for answers from the people who did it. And what do you get for your grievous trouble? Crickets, essentially.

Does the "knockout game," where teenagers attempt to render strangers unconscious with a single, random blow, actually exist? Or do we perhaps need to calm down?

Just in case you needed a balanced critical response to the antics of Rob Ford, the Associated Press has reached out to the man he bested to become Toronto's mayor.

Today in ill omens for a withering middle class: Colleges the country over are having trouble attracting enough students for their budgets to pencil out.

A Latvian supermarket that collapsed Thursday, killing at least 54 people, continues to crumble, imperiling rescue workers.

The Scotland Yard is puzzling over the case of three women apparently kept in slavery, in London, for three decades.

Well Thanksgiving week is looking awesome.


Here: Because I know you've all been dying to know what happens since Tuesday: