Ravi Somaiya at the New York Times says:

The actor Alec Baldwin’s short-lived show on MSNBC has been terminated, less than two weeks after he was suspended for making a gay slur in a confrontation with a photographer seeking to get pictures of him with his wife and baby.
“This is a mutual parting and we wish Alec all the best,” MSNBC said in a statement.

Needless to say, I'm happy about this news. I think actors trying to become liberal mouthpieces turn out, more often than not, to be embarrassments. Even better: Baldwin took himself out before anything too politically serious could happen. I don't think celebrities should keep quiet about their political beliefs, but I do think that giving celebrities platforms as political experts when they've been proven to have a long history of shitty behavior is a bad idea.

In other news, Lara Logan and her producers have finally been put on leave for running that shitty Benghazi story that wasn't even remotely true. It's a good day for political media!