If you, like me, freak the fuck out when, midway through a ride on TriMet, you realize you've forgotten your Purell, here's something you'll want to be sure to read carefully before you do any holiday traveling: Robert T. Gonzalez's piece for io9 about all the germs on airplanes! IT'S TERRIFYING! Here's a quick glimpse at an airport bathroom!

"You find a lot of E. coli on lavatory surfaces—even more than your typical public bathroom" says Gerba. "Especially around those tiny sinks, because passengers with big hands can't fit their hands in." Which is a real shame, I chime in, because washing your hands is obviously important. But here's the rub: Gerba tells me that even if you can fit your hands in the sink, it's probably best to bring some hand sanitizer along to be extra sure you're killing off as many microorganisms as possible. Why? Because even the sink water could be contaminated. "The EPA recently got on airlines for having choliform bacteria (fecal bacteria) in the airplane's water supply" Gerba says. "They've done a number of studies, and have come down pretty hard." (Via.)

Hahaha not even the water is safe! Hahaha! TIme to rewatch my favorite least favorite movie, I guess, and remember that some goddamn stranger is going to give me something terrible. AND THEN THEY'LL GIVE IT TO YOU.