Oregon Jewish leaders are hopping mad over a statement by an anti-gay-marriage spokesperson who compared loving gay couples to neo-Nazis, according to the Oregonian's Jeff Mapes:

Teresa Harke, a spokeswoman for the [Oregon Family Council] made the remarks while explaining the rationale for a proposed ballot measure from the group that would allow businesses to refuse to provide services for same-sex weddings if they had religious objections.

"Would you expect a Jewish bakery to serve a neo-Nazi who wanted a cake with a swastika on it?" Harke said in an interview with The Oregonian.

They went and Godwinned. You should never Godwin before a public vote; it's bad form. You should go check out the article to read the responses to the Oregon Family Council, which includes statements that people should never have to say in a sentence. For example: "Here you're making a comparison between a hate group that supports the elimination of Jews in the world and a couple that wants to sanctify their marriage."