GAL GADOT Okay, except instead of a motorcycle, picture an invisible jet!
  • GAL GADOT Okay, except instead of a motorcycle, picture an invisible jet!

Wow, that's possibly the worst headline I've ever written!

MOVING ON: As has been rumored for a while, Wonder Woman will be in the sequel to Man of Steel—and as Warner Bros. announced today, she'll be played by Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot, who'll join Ben Affleck as Batman and that guy who plays Superman now, good ol' what's his name, in the 2015 movie. I've got no issue with Gal Gadot—one has issues with a former Miss Israel at their own peril—even if Warner Bros. totally picked the wrong Fast & Furious star to play Wonder Woman. I will try to keep my whining about this to a minimum.

A couple of things: First, this basically turns Man of Steel 2, or Batman vs. Superman, or Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman, or Warner Bros. Wants Some of that Avengers Money, or whatever it ends up being called, into a straight-up Justice League movie; once you've got Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, you've pretty much got all the members of the Justice League that the average person knows and/or gives a shit about. (Sorry, Aquaman.)

Second, director Zac Snyder isn't that awesome with female characters, so we'll see how this works out. (That said, I did like Amy Adams' Lois Lane quite a bit in Man of Steel, so that's... something?)

Regardless, it feels like Warner Bros. is actually trying to step up to the plate here; while there are now 149 Marvel blockbusters, Warner Bros. has been running... behind, is a nice way to put it, when it comes to figuring out how to put the DC characters they own onto the big screen. (Sorry, Green Lantern.) As someone who ended up being pleasantly surprised by the first Man of Steel, I'm curious to see how this next one works out.