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  • Genders
Another week, another Mercury music section. Pay attention! There will be a test.

Multiple choice! Portland band Genders have done which of the following?
A. Hit a deer with their van
B. Left a somewhat aggressive note on the door of Built to Spill's practice space
C. Released an exceptional debut album
D. All of the above

LISTEN: Genders - "Something to Get You By"

True or false? Fanno Creek's new album contains songs about aliens and outer space.

LISTEN: Fanno Creek - "On My Way"

Essay section! Explain, in detail, how the Dismemberment Plan's shadow of influence grew in their absence, and how they indirectly shaped the course of what is now commonly referred to as "indie rock." Show your work.

LISTEN: The Dismemberment Plan - "Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer"

All the answers and more, in the new Mercury music section! Plus an answer key full of this week's Up & Coming shows.