Holiday Friends (Via)
  • Holiday Friends (Via)

Crystal Ballroom–Lorde, 5 pm, $20, all ages; Vampire Weekend, Holiday Friends, 8 pm, $40, all ages
Al's Den–There Is No Mountain, 7 pm, free
Bunk Bar–Escondido, The Verner Pantons, 9 pm, $10
East End–Jail Weddings, Mattress, DJ Sam Ott, 9 pm
Holocene–Phone Call, The Visitors, Mackintosh Braun, DJ Freaky Outty, 8:30 pm, $5
LaurelThirst Public House–Will West & The Friendly Strangers, 6 pm; Ryan Sollee, Sareh Jo, 9 pm, free
Mississippi Studios–Fanno Creek, Sama Dams, Hands In, 9 pm, $5-7
Revival Drum Shop–Lisa Schonberg, Lori Goldston, Roro, Ti Femme, 8 pm, $5-15, all ages
Roseland–Arctic Monkeys, Battleme, 8 pm, $35, all ages
Rotture–Church of Misery, Saviours, Wizard Rifle, 9 pm, $12-15