The power outage that's had its grip on parts of downtown since Sunday—after an explosion in an underground Portland General Electric vault—will likely still be with us tomorrow, PGE has reported.

The power company has put out a map showing where power's been restored and where it still needs to be turned on. Work was supposed to be finished by tonight. That's not happening.


Why the delay? The Oregonian reports it's because it's taking longer to splice and replace damaged cables underground. Downtown office buildings and government bunkers like City Hall, the Portland Building, and the Multnomah County Courthouse were all closed today.

So far, only the courthouse has officially been declared shuttered for tomorrow, too.

And not that the city buildings were completely empty. Commissioner Nick Fish says he went to his office all the same, using his cell phone to stay connected, even if it was colder than usual. He says he got a lot done.

"Even though I was lonely," he says, "I just worked out of my office. It was quiet."