Jacob Kastrenakes at The Verge says:

Canada's postal service will phase out door-to-door delivery over the next five years. Citing the rise of digital communications and a projected loss of CAD$1 billion by 2020, Canada Post today outlined a series of actions that it would take to streamline its organization and reduce losses. In particular, cutting out direct to-door delivery — which is currently only used to service one-third of Canadian households — will "provide significant savings," Canada Post says. Mail will still be delivered to community, grouped, lobby, and rural mailboxes, which make up how the remaining two-thirds of Canadian households receive their mail.

The cuts will put somewhere between six and eight thousand Canadian postal employees out of work. Man, this is depressing. You're supposed to be our sensible, stable older sister, Canada! Don't you foresee a time in which a national delivery network might be a valuable thing to have? Can't you do a better job at this being-a-country thing than us? If we don't have you to look up to, Canada, who will provide an example for us?