There is no better Tom Cruise-related news than the fact there will be a Jack Reacher 2 (Jack Reacher was great), but as second-best bits of Tom Cruise-related news go, the fact there's a trailer out for Edge of Tomorrow is totally acceptable. Originally going by the far, far more awesome title All You Need Is Kill, the newly retitled Edge of Tomorrow basically sounds like a sci-fi version of Groundhog Day, which is fine, because I've always thought the one thing Groundhog Day was missing was crazy space armor and future warfare and massive explosions. And Emily Blunt. Bill Murray's awesome and all, but Groundhog Day had a downright criminal deficit of Emily Blunt.

Regardless of how Edge of Tomorrow turns out, between it and Oblivion, I'm kind of digging the fact that Cruise is using his megastar power (OR HIS SECRET SCIENTOLOGY PSYCHLO-POWERS) to get big-scale, non-sequel, non-franchise sci-fi movies made. Genre movies that don't have either a number or a colon in the title are becoming an increasingly rare thing in Hollywood; I like having those sorts of movies around.