We give a lot of ink to local comics, and it's not because we think they're good "for Portland"—it's because we think they're good. So it's nice to see our locals get recognition beyond our shores: Earlier this year, we were proud to see both Shane Torres and Ian Karmel make it into Montreal's prestigious Just for Laughs festival, and we're equally excited to see a bunch of Portlanders on the just-announced lineup for January's SF Sketch Fest, one of the biggest/coolest comedy festivals in the US.

This year, seven Portland comics and one improv troupe made it into the festival, by my count (feel free to check my math): Barbara Holm, Curtis Cook, Gabe Dinger, JoAnn Schinderle, Philip Schallberger, Stacey Hallal, and Xander Deveaux, plus improv troupe Whiskey Tango. (You can catch Whiskey Tango tonight at the Tonic, btw, and you should! They're funny.)

That's in addition to, like, every comic working today you've ever wanted to see. These West Coast comedy festivals are increasingly tempting long-weekend destinations—SF Sketch Fest is spread out over almost three weeks, which makes planning a bit complicated/expensive, but I've got my eye on the Riot LA fest in January, a four-day festival that's just about a half-notch above Portland's own Bridgetown Comedy Fest in terms of the recognition-factor of its guests. (Which is actually a huge testament to Bridgetown, given that most comedians, you know, live in LA.) And guys: It's sunny there. There are worse ways to spend a weekend.