King Krule
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Another week, another Mercury music section to crumple up and wad inside your clothing to serve as insulation, as you read the chilly news about Metallica's concert in Antarctica, making them the first-ever band to tour all seven continents in a single year. Pffft. Single year?—let's see someone do it in a single day. How about you, Mr. Philip Collins? You're apparently out of retirement now, and you've already done this.

King Krule is the young man with the ageless voice. Does this sounds like the 19-year-old with red hair and freckles pictured above to you?

LISTEN: King Krule - "Easy Easy"

Pere Ubu, on the other hand, are as old as punk itself. Unlike many of their contemporaries, however, the experimental rockers certainly haven't mellowed into accessibility.

LISTEN: Pere Ubu - "414 Seconds"

Conversely, alt-country veteran Robbie Fulks has begun to act his age (50). It suits him very well.

LISTEN: Robbie Fulks - "Long I Ride"

Plus a crumpled-up wad's worth of this week's Up & Coming shows, longfellow.