Forget "tweetups." (SERIOUSLY. FORGET THEM. THEY ARE TERRIBLE.) Triangle Productions is currently running the greatest promotion/fundraiser ever: In conjunction with their show American Fiesta, which is about a gay man trying to convince his family to come to his wedding in Canada in 2004, Triangle Productions is auctioning off 230+ pieces of vintage Fiestaware, donated by the estate of longtime supporter Joan Hayward. Gird your tear ducts:

On February 6, 2013, a beloved patron named Joan Hayward who had been coming to triangle for over 21 years, lost her battle with cancer. triangle’s founder and Joan's personal friend Don Horn sat down with her during her final months. She asked him to produce the play American Fiesta and use her 230+ piece Fiestaware© collection as the set, and then sell all of the pieces as a fundraiser for triangle.

I mean... right?? That's so sweet and great. You can view the entire collection at, where pieces are also available for purchase.

If you want to see the show, tonight Triangle is offering a deal in conjunction with DoveLewis, because "Joan (Hayward) was a big supporter of DoveLewis and they want to honor her with as many people on Thursdays we can." Tickets can be purchased here; here are the discount codes:

2 tickets for $35.00 (first 7 rows): Dove2for1
Buy one $35.00 ticket for $20.00: Dove20