One of the looming sticking points in Mayor Charlie Hales' offer of an Old Town warehouse for Right 2 Dream Too, with rent paid by the city for 15 months, had been a December 16 deadline for making a decision.

After that point, which is Monday, by they way, the offer would go away. The mayor's office made that point this week in interviews and in an appearance on OPB's Think Out Loud. It also said the same when it took reporters on visit to the warehouse, over at 320 NW Hoyt (a location first reported by the Mercury).

Tonight, however, in response to questions on whether R2DToo had indicated a decision or not, or whether the city had replied to what R2DToo's lawyer, Mark Kramer, has called a counter offer, Hales' spokesman now says there's more time to play with. The city attorney's office, Dana Haynes says, realized that date was mentioned in a letter of intent discussing the property but not the proposed lease.

Here's what he sent me a little while ago:

No, we didn’t hear an answer yet. I understand the City Attorney has responded to the attorney on his pages of demands.

Our attorneys told us yesterday or today that the “Dec. 16” deadline was in the letter of intent, and not in the lease. We don’t use the rights to the building on Monday, after all. Our office thought we did, but the people representing the owners aren’t going to whisk it out from underneath our offer this week.

It's unclear how much more time that means the city is working with. And it's not clear if it will mean an accord might be struck. Kramer has asked the city to promise to help R2DToo find a permanent home after 15 proposed months at Hoyt expire.