Lucky Netflix wins the rights to Better Call Saul—the (what we now know is a) PREQUEL to the events in Breaking Bad, with Bob Odenkirk starring as the world's most slimy lawyer, Saul Goodman. From Zap2it:

Three paragraphs in and amid details about the streaming deal, it's revealed that "Better Call Saul" will indeed take place before the events of "Breaking Bad." It's been widely reported that the show would be a prequel, but creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have played coy about details, and star Bob Odenkirk said last month that he had talked with Gould and Gilligan about the show being a sequel as well.

Monday's press release puts the speculation to rest. "'Better Call Saul' tells the story of mall-based super lawyer Saul Goodman [Odenkirk] in the years before he became Walter White's attorney," it reads. "From parking tickets to mass murder, from slip-and-fall to bond fraud, Saul handles it all."

And you can also expect guest-shots from some of your Breaking Bad faves including Walt, Jesse, Gus Fring, Mike (YAY!!!) and perhaps even Badger and Skinny Pete. Well, Netflix... you know what to do: DON'T FUCK IT UP.