According to an update posted on Facebook this afternoon, scorching rockabilly act Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside are calling it quits, following their two shows this weekend at the Doug Fir:

Sallie Ford & The Sound outside have decided to break up and head their separate ways. It is a mutual decision and there are no hard feelings or ill will between any of us. We still love and support each other in whatever we do.

You can expect to see more from Sallie in 2014, as she's been writing for a new record. She is keeping her name in a new project and starting an all-girl band with some really talented local ladies, us guys are excited to see them churn out the hits, so keep your ears peeled."

One more time: Sallie Ford is starting an all-girl band. Dry your tears, because that is incredibly exciting news, and from the whispers I've heard about the new lineup, it's gonna be top notch.

In the meantime, there are two more chances to see Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, this Friday and Saturday at the Doug Fir. Get yer tickets here.