I'm criminally late to the game reading Cheryl Strayed's Wild, but I've been clipping through it pretty quick this week; one thing I can't figure out is how it will in any way whatsoever function as a movie. Luckily, that's not my problem—that's up to star/producer Reese Witherspoon to figure out. But if nothing else, the Wild movie team is taking advantage of their time in in the Pacific Northwest—according to Oregon film industry blog The Confluence, Wild "shot in more places in our state than any other feature film to date."

(Unrelated: One thing I'm hoping the Wild movie has is a disclaimer. Like how the Fast & Furious movies all end with a titlecard that's like, "No, for real, don't run out into the movie theater parking lot and try to drive like this, idiots." But for Wild, one that's like, "No, for real, don't run out to the Pacific Crest Trail and out and try to hike like this, idiots.")