I'm not sure any art form inspires non-artists to think "I could do that" more than standup comedy. (Abstract visual art? Maybe?) This is because good comics make standup look effortless ("She's just up there talking! How hard could it be?") and bad comics—or comics having an off night—make it look as though the bar is really, really low. ("She's just up there talking. How hard could it be.") Throw in the fact that young comics like Ian Karmel and Emily Heller have made standup look like the fast-track to a lucrative TV-writing gig, and suddenly everyone wants to get in the game.

Portland comic Andie Main has written a tutorial of sorts for new comics: Basically a what-not-to-do when you're just starting out. If you're interested in performing standup—or just interested in some of the etiquette around it—check it out.

Main is performing tonight at a special Christmas edition of Secret Weapon, the showcase she hosts with Christian Ricketts. Guests include Amy Miller, Nathan Brannon, Phil Schalberger, Jason Treager, and Krampus. And Santa. That's tonight at 9:30 at Mississippi Pizza (3552 N Mississippi).