Portland's City Budget Office has been saying for several weeks that city hall can expect a bit more cash in its pockets next year, pretty good news after a bruising budget last year that forced city hall to close a $21.5 million hole.

It finally put a number on that hope, with the caveat that it's "modest" in a five-year forecast (pdf) released today.

"The forecast reflects only a modest amount of funds available for additional programs in FY 2014-15," the city budget office says. "At this time, CBO expects that the city will have $5.9 million in additional ongoing funding—about 1.4 percent above the current appropriation level—and $3.3 million in one-time funds."

And here's a chart!


Why the good news? It's partly because inflation has been lower than expected, business and property taxes have been higher than expected, and savings from state pension reforms have come in better than anticipated.

Next year's budget process may not go any more smoothly, though. It's a truism in government: Feelings get hurt way worse when elected officials have to fight over loot instead of find solemn ways to come together and make targeted cuts.