It's Christmas Eve, the view out my window is pictured below, and all manner of one- and two-horse sleighs keep a-jingling up and down the block, which is eerie but welcome. So. Much. Jingling.


Check out this fun sign of further fragmentation in the Republican party. The relative monopoly on campaign cash enjoyed by Karl Rove's American Crossroads super PAC since the Citizens United decision may be slipping away.

"Mission accomplished," says Edward Snowden, in the first in-person interview since he became a household name.

Even despite the prodigious technical missteps at a lot of folks are still expected to get sign up by January 1.

You? Well, you've got the misfortune of laboring under Oregon's proprietary Cover Oregon marketplace, derided as a "fiasco" and trailing every other system in the nation. LONG LIVE OREGONIANS!

The best part of this insane story of a shooting in East Portland on Saturday night: The victim's name is Keytar. Props to his parents, and props to this guy.

Just two years old, South Sudan is on the precipice of civil war.

Black Santa is a thing at Macy's flagship store in NYC.

A man fractures his girlfriend's face in three places, and the leading contender for nation's worst judge forces him to write "boys do not hit girls" 5,000 times (and gives him 6 months in jail). THAT IS GOING TO BE EFFECTIVE.

It's nothing like the unconscionable winter grandeur going on here, but it looks like an excellent Christmas week in Portland this year.



Now, if you'll excuse me.