Like everyone else, we here at the Merc are in the midst of compiling our "bests" and "worsts" of 2013. To that end, I polled the designers, retails, bloggers, and others involved in making and shaping the city's style-focused industry, and got a ton of responses. Many of them are in upcoming/current/future editions of the paper (web versions are longer!), but the lovely overflow continues on MOD. And, because fashion is supposed to be at heart a forward thinking, we asked for their hopes and predictions for 2014, to boot.

Next up: purveyor of rad clothes Bree Goertzen of Odessa:

In beauty, I love the direction that some make-up artists have been going where they are featuring a nude face. Fuck make-up! It's fun to do a little bit sometimes but simplicity is the best. Let's take a step away from the mirror and love the way we look without a lot of make-up.

Isabel Marant
  • Odessa
  • Isabel Marant

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