CHARITY ROCK—Southeast Portland Mexican joint La Carreta is a local institution—and we're hosting a kickass rock show in the upstairs banquet room! Tonight the Pynnacles, Eyelids, and the Thermals' Hutch Harris (performing a short solo set) will rock the casa, and it's all to benefit Sisters of the Road. This sold out super quick, so hopefully you already have your tickets in hand. NL
La Carreta, 4534 SE McLoughlin, 8 pm, $15, SOLD OUT

DANCE NIGHT—The season of gluttony is over and the season of self-improvement is on. Split the difference by working up a body-toning sweat on the dance floor, fueled by a couple high-calorie dranks and the nimble DJ-ing of Cooky Parker and Holla 'n' Oates' Zeitgeist 2K14, an exploration of future club music. Because let's be realistic. MS
Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 9 pm, $5