While the Merc keeps a much tighter focus on what's going on in Portland's independent retail world, the larger players' comings and goings can say a lot about the economic health of the city. So, for those of you who have heard rumblings that the Pearl District Diesel store is closing, fear not; word is that it's only temporary.

Diesel is still interested in maintaining a Portland store, but it's shopping around for a new location, most likely one that's a little closer to what's become the heart of downtown retail (the expanse that starts on the south side of W Burnside and stretches to Pioneer Place). Unfortunately the timing of their lease didn't match up to the discovery of an ideal alternative, which means an undefined but, they stress, temporary lack of Diesel-age in these parts.

Store manager Rachel Petersen reports that the final day of operations in the current space will be Friday, January 24, and plans are still up in the air as to whether they'll be having a massive sale or party in the meantime—Petersen encourages those interested in staying in the loop as things develop to sign up for Portland store-specific emails at diesel.com/signup.

Meanwhile, Madewell is reportedly poised to take over in the current location, and look—they're hiring.