There are a lot of great comedy shows around town (and others too), but I want to draw your attention to one I'm involved with that includes one of your favorite things: snacks!

Free Chips & Salsa
Friday the 10th at 10pm
Action/Adventure Theatre
$5 (for the comedy, chips/salsa are gratis)

It's hosted by occasional Mercury sex bloggerBri Pruett, Bridgetown favorite Anthony Lopez, and myself and features special guests Christian Ricketts, Vine sensation Steven Wilber, and in the Up-And-Coming-Star spot, Stephanie Oberto who is hilarious and you will all know about soon enough anyway.

I know you have lots of options when it comes to comedy, but just remember that chips and salsa is the most delicious dish humans have ever created and you can get them FOR FREE if you come to the show this Friday night.