I'm just guessing, but I think either your grandpa (who fought in Korea) or your misogynist Uncle John from Wyoming wrote this one:

My "manly" nephew sent the whole family an e-mail today with a picture of his newly groomed dog. The little tyke is all white and fluffy and may weigh five pounds. It's a piss poor excuse for a dog but he says it is his dream doggie. For heaven's sakes man-up and get a real dog like a German Shepard or a retriever. Nobody needs a foo foo dog.

HEY! If people don't adopt foo foo dogs, we'll have foo foo dogs running the streets. And possibly nobody wants that. (I'm pretty sure.) Do YOU have a rant, confession, or macho shithead statement about dogs you'd like to share with the world? Drop it off in the I, Anonymous Blog—a piss poor excuse for a blog.