GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! I've waited so long, so long to play this part. And just remembered, that I'd forgotten about my heart. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Tens of thousands of protesters in Bangkok shut the city down by blocking bridges and key roads in an effort to give their current government the boot.

More evidence of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's heavy-handed reprisals against his enemies: documents reveal that the Guv "aggressively courted" the mayor of Jersey City, but cut him off after he refused to offer an endorsement.

He's also getting questioned about funds his state received to aid Superstorm Sandy victims.

Unofficial ambassador of nothing Dennis Rodman continues his backpedaling tour after returning from North Korea, reminding everyone, "I'm not God." Ohhhh, yeahhhh. That's right... I keep forgetting.

The Supremes give thumbs down to Arizona's request to continue their abortion restrictions they tried to enforce in 2012. Poor Arizona!

Meanwhile, Pope Francis—in an apparent bid to soothe ruffled Vatican feathers—pooh-poohs a woman's right to choose. Now that's the Pope we know and despise.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signs a new gay criminalization bill into law. Unggghh! It's hard to hate someone named "Goodluck"—but I'll do my best.

Locally, students and others will be marching tonight to show their support of the teachers in their continuing labor dispute with Portland Public Schools.

On Saturday night, a gunman walked into Mystic's Gentlemen's Club (SE 99th & Stark) and started shooting up the place, critically injuring a security guard. As he began to leave, another patron shot the gunman, who was hospitalized and is now in stable condition. (Gun nuts, take note... here's one of those very few times where a gun owner actually stops someone else with a gun. Savor it.)

Yesterday, a bunch of people without pants rode the MAX. Is that something you like to do? I'm not a fan—but I hope you had fun.

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Perhaps a few more showers this morning, but dry, sunny, mild weather starts tomorrow!

AND FINALLY, check out all the results of last night's Golden Globe wins here, but let's stop for a moment to meditate on this Golden Globe (not-so-fun) FUN FACT: