JASON MOMOA IS THE BEST. After playing Game of Thrones' Khal Drogo (Dothraki warlord), Stargate Atlantis' Ronon Dex (Satedan Runner and member of the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team), and Conan the Barbarian's Conan the Barbarian (Schwarzeneggerean hero), rumor has it Momoa might score a role in the Man of Steel sequel—the same one that has Ben Affleck as Batman, the same one everyone's started calling Batman vs. Superman, and the same one that has, until now, been tragically Mamoa-less. But WHO is Momoa rumored to be playing? Well, if my awesome photoshop work above didn't give you enough hints, maybe this will:


WHAT! HE MIGHT BE PLAYING A TALKING DOLPHIN??? HE MIGHT BE PLAYING AQUAMAN! Aquaman's powers include being able to telepathically talk with fish and pee wherever he wants; he truly is "the king of all things aqua."

I think this is an excellent idea: Aquaman is about as far from the relatively dour The Dark Knight and Man of Steel as you can get, and DC Comics' superhero movies need some goddamn levity already. (Even Green Lantern took itself way too seriously.) If you don't think having someone like Momoa—who's likeable and funny and, as has been pointed out to me by every straight woman I've ever known, preposterously attractive—kicking it with dolphins and whales and manatees and starfishes wouldn't make the next DC Comics movie about a billion times more fun, then you and I have nothing to discuss.

BUT DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. Amongst other things, Portland comics writer Jeff Parker is currently writing DC Comics' Aquaman series—his run just started with issue #26, and you should pick it up, because Parker is a great writer and you'll be glad you did. I asked Parker what he thought of the rumor that Aquaman might be played by Jason Momoa, and he responded with speed, enthusiasm, and insight.

Didn’t Momoa begin his career on Baywatch? That seems like DESTINY to me!
Jeff Parker, professional Aquaman writer

Indeed he did begin his career on Baywatch, Jeff. Indeed he did.

My finny friends, I believe our work here is done. Island there! Big sun! Sand! Trees! House!