Look. We here at the Mercury love the von Trapps—unabashedly, unashamedly, unreservedly. The von Trapps are, of course, the great-grandchildren of Captain and Maria von Trapp, whose story you know from The Sound of Music. It turns out the four siblings (Sofia, Melanie, Amanda, and August, all ages 19-25) currently all live together in a house here in Portland—that would be the best reality show ever—and have performed frequently onstage with Pink Martini. Now the von Trapps have teamed with Pink Martini for their first major international album. It's called Dream a Little Dream, and it was recorded here in Portland at Kung Fu Bakery Studios with producer/engineer David Friedlander; it comes out March 4 on Heinz Records, Pink Martini's label.

...I love you, Charmian Carr.
  • ...I love you, Charmian Carr.
There are some notable guests on Dream a Little Dream, including Wayne Newton, Jack Hanna, and the Chieftains, yeah yeah blah blah, but most notable-est of all is an appearance by Charmian Carr. YES, the Charmian Carr, who played Liesl in the The Sound of Music movie. Carr sings on a song from The Sound of Music, of course ("Edelweiss"), and "Lonely Goatherd" is also on the album, because how could it not be. Other tracks include three songs written by August von Trapp, and tunes from Rwanda, China, Sweden, Bavaria, and Japan. I'll post the album cover and track list after the jump.

The von Trapps and Pink Martini have several US tour dates scheduled in March, but no confirmation if the von Trapps will appear at Pink Martini's three hometown shows with the Oregon Symphony at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, to take place on April 11-13.

1. Storm
2. Kuroneko no tango
3. Dream a Little Dream
4. Fernando
5. Hayaldah hachi yafa bagan
6. Friend
7. Die Dorfmusik
8. In stiller Nacht
9. Le premier bonheur du jour
10. Rwanda nziza
11. Gongxi
12. Hushabye Mountain
13. Lonely Goatherd (featuring Wayne Newton and Jack Hanna)
14. Edelweiss (featuring Charmian Carr)
15. Thunder (featuring the Chieftains)